Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dbase Driver For Java

On our last project, we migrated legacy application, which based on FoxPro Dos to Java and Postgre database. For some reasons, we could not migrate all at once.  Instead, we wrote java app first to connect to legacy database (dbf). Then later, change the database to Postgre.

After days of search we came accross to this driver by Hongxin Technology & Trade Ltd. of Xiangtan City. It was not free though but it works.

Connecting to database was easy. It just like any other jdbc drivers out there. It supports subdirectory reading, idx, ndx, etc. In addition, the driver allows you to set as server mode, poolable connection on many application servers. For complete features please refer to faq.

Although it mainly works, we have a bit complain. It's slow. Maybe the problem lies on underlaying database file, i am not sure about this. Lack of documentations prevent us to do driver optimization.

Overall, it is a good product.

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